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A tale of 4 Bad Fairies - What I got from the Mac Venomous Villains Collection

I got down and dirty yesterday at the Mac Venomous Villains launch in Singapore. *unsheathes feline claws* Well metaphorically actually, but here’s my story. I will try my best to relate it in as true and as exciting an account as I possibly can. True Story.

At 9.45am on 8 October, I was already waiting for the doors of Isetan Scotts to open and unleash the deluge of Mac Venomous Villains madness upon us all. I was alone in the battlefied, my compatriot aptly named The Dark Lord had overslept and was trundling along in the train as fast as she could, summoning drones and reinforcements as she came. There were about less than 10 ladies who were also twittering around trying to look as nonchalant and as cool as we possible could, displaying a last semblance of commonplace loveliness and human decency before the situation degenerated into a take no prisoners, all woman for herself operation. You get the idea.

At 10am sharp, the golden doors swung open with an ethereal aura of heavenly light and we flowed in as gracefully as we could, bracing ourselves for the stampede that was sure to follow with all the hot-blooded females advancing steadily towards one narrow doorway. Thankfully there was none, and I was third in line to place my order. It went something like this:

10:05:01 am: 2 She Who Dares eyeshadows?

10:05:08 am Check.

10:05:10 am 2 Bad Fairy nail polishes?

10:05:14 am Sorry, they are sold out.

10:05:15 am What?!?! Could you please check?!

10:05:17 am Yes, I’m sorry there are none left.

If I were a cartoon character, I’d have loved for my eyeballs and heart to lurch out of their respective sockets and cage and plummet to the polished granite flooring of Isetan Scotts to express how I felt at that moment in time. I’d just say that it wasn’t the best place to be for someone who’d been lemming for Bad Fairy for the longest time, and queued up so early with no knowledge of how extremely limited the stocks for Bad Fairy were.

With my heart now in my mouth (after it had taken a joyride around the parameter of Isetan Scotts, that is) I contacted The Dark Lord and bid her go to Sephora Ion to try our luck there. Here was how our adrenaline and anxiety-laced conversation went:

Me: Arghhhhhh?!?!?! Isetan is out of Bad Fairy!!! (Expletives not included)



TDL: Okay I’ll head on down to Sephora now! Maybe they’ll have some more!

TDL: NOOOO the Sales Assistant at Sephora told me that the lady right before me had taken the last Bad Fairy!!!

Me (screaming inwardly): ARE THERE ANY MORE MAC COUNTERS HERE??

TDL: There is but one more.

Grave silence.

TDL (with the weight of the world on her shoulders): Takashimaya. I’ll head over now.

Me (somberly): Our fate rests in your hands, fellow Padawan.

Turns out the Mac standalone shop in Takashimaya had not opened yet, which was a strange occurence because the Mac collection was supposed to have been launched at 10 am. Furthermore, the aisles were deserted, as expected of a shopping mall at 10.15 am. We were beginning to think that the collection had already been launched earlier when we met a fellow flustered Mac-gi (Magi, get it?) who’d traveled vast distances to find herself at the hallowed altar of Mac-nificence (I’m on a roll here, I think!) She confirmed that this Mac store was launching the collection today, but was also surprised that there was no one around waiting with us. With my frayed nerves impairing my logical reasoning, I even ventured to suggest that the items had sold out so fast that everyone had already gone home. (Of course, I was only kidding. I think.)

We finally saw land after what seemed like years of trawling the seafloor searching for giant octopuses when 2 Mac sales assistants strolled by to sneak in through the panels. They were only open at 10.30 am, is what they said with a wry grin (or a smirk is what I saw with my mounting sense of paranoia). By then, a small crowd of frenzied Mac-lovers had gathered, and when the panels were finally pried apart at 10.30 am, they were clamouring in, ready to mob the 2 hapless sales assistants. Fortunately, the nicer Malay sales assistant remembered that The Dark Lord and I had been first in line, and attended to us first, acceding to our request of 4 Bad Fairies. The cash register tinkled a sweet little tune, and we’d captured the 4 Bad Fairies we’d came for. My heart sang. Just as we were about to depart, we overheard someone else asking for a Bad Fairy nail polish, but being told that it was already sold out.

These elusive Bad Fairies disappear in mere seconds here in Singapore.

The loot:

  • 9 October 2010
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